The Bund

The Bund

which is also named Zhongshan Dong Yi Road (East First Zhongshan Road), is the scenery line of Shanghai

Wuzhen Water Town

Wuzhen Water Town

Integration of ancient culture and modern lifestyle

West Lake

West Lake

Hangzhou, the most magnificent city under heaven

Have Fun in/around Shanghai

Shanghai is located at the middle of the mainland's coastline and the outlet of the Yangtze River into the sea in east China. The whole city has an area of 6340 square kilometers and a permanent population of 23.02 million while it sees a large moving population of over 2.5 million daily. Shanghai is one of the four municipalities directly administrated under the central government. It is not only the second largest city in China but also one of the most important economic, financial, shipping and cultural centers in Asia. As a business center between east and west, it became a multinational hub of finance and business by the 1930s. This city is a tourist destination renowned for its historical landmarks such as the Bund and City God Temple, and its modern and ever-expanding Pudong skyline including the Oriental Pearl Tower. Nowadays, Shanghai whose nickname is “Paris of the Orient” or “Pearl of China”, has been described as the "showpiece" of the world's fastest-growing major economy. The city consistently attracts investment and is seen as an ideal venue for business gatherings. Shanghai has fostered a comprehensive transportation network that incorporates land, sea, air travel as well as a convenient urban transportation system. More than 300 airlines serve the city, providing direct flights to more than 20 countries and regions. Visitors to Shanghai are possibly dazzled by the modern metropolis and gateway to a developing China, and able to immerse themselves in the unique Shanghai culture, a combination of Chinese and Western elements. From 1982 onwards, the overseas tourists hosted in Shanghai have witnessed a number of over one million every year while the domestic tourists have seen a yearly average of more than tens of millions. In future, Shanghai is definitely going to be a city featuring sightseeing tours as a trend in the development of tourism.

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Globally people take the Silk Road as starting in Chang'an (today's Xi'an City) and ending in Rome. Within China's boundary, there are three overland branches as the following. The northern route via Tianshan Mountain in Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Prefecture begins at Chang'an, passing through Dunhuang, Hami, Urumqi and Ili to the destination Rome. While the other northern route not crossing over Tianshan Mountain goes from Xi'an, Dunhuang, Hami, Turpan, Korla, Kuqa, Aksu, Kashgar, Pamirs Plateau to Central Asia. The southern route of Silk Road starts also from Chang’an, and then crosses over Kroraina (Loulan Ancient City), Niya, Hotan, Kashgar, Pamirs Plateau to Central Asia. Traveling along the Silk Road, to follow the footprint of Marco Polo and search for spiritual freedom...

Panda Base, Buddha & Mt.Emeishan Trip - 2 Days


Pandas, Leshan Giant Buddha, Golden Summit & Wannian Monastery all in...

Dujiangyan Panda Park & Irrigation System Excursion - 1 Day

Make a visit to pandas and the only existing irrigation system without dam in the world...

People's Park, Kuanzhai Alley, Wuhou Shrine & Jinli - 1 Day


A leisure tour to taste a traditional Chengdu through food, history and culture... 

Chengdu Panda Base, Sanxingdui Ruins Excursion - 1 Day

Visit pandas and explore ancient Shu Kingdom in Sanxingdui relics display. 

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*Top Things to Do in Shanghai

When you come to Chengdu, you must go to visit the pandas. Seeing the lovely rolling baby pandas eating bamboo, you will feel your heart becoming soft at the moment.


Visit Pandas

Eating delicious food is the happiest thing in Chengdu! There are various snacks for you to choose in Jinli Old Street, Kuanzhai Alleys. Be sure to eat the rabbit's head, as the Chengdu people eat 200 to 300 million rabbit heads a year. The rabbit meat is smooth and tender, with spicy fresh incense and endless aftertaste. You must go to try the hotpot, by which you can feel the Sichuan people's spicy personalities in the fresh fragrance! Hotpot has almost become synonymous with Chengdu, whether you can eat hot, dare not eat hot, you should experience the authentic Chengdu hot pot when you come here.


Taste Chengdu Snacks, Sichuan Hotpot

Chengdu is a city of leisure. You must go to a traditional teahouse in People's Park, Kuanzhai Alleys, Dufu Thatched Cottage, or Wenshu Monastery, or Wangjiang Park.  Ordering a cup of covered-bowl tea, sitting on the bamboo chair, listening to the gossips be a typical Chengdu people for a day. You can choose to do the ear massage, ask the "Shuerlang" to serve you at the outdoor teahouse. This unique service in Chengdu can be said to be very comfortable, enjoyment is shown to the extreme in Chengdu.


Drink a cup of Gaiwan (Covered-bowl) Tea in a traditional teahouse

At Chengdu, you must watch the Sichuan Opera performance, listen to a time-honored Sichuan opera and appreciate authentic face-changing stunts. It is China's intangible cultural heritage with a long history.


Watch Sichuan Opera

Local Chengdu people loves to go to Qingcheng Mountain during the weekend, especially in summer times. As one of the birth lands of Chinese Taoist, it is also an extraordinary fascinating and intriguing scenic spot that is covered by luxuriant and verdant trees. The mountain, which is surrounded by numerous peaks, is shaped like a city, hence the name Qingcheng which means Green City in Chinese. It is entitled the most peaceful and secluded mountain under heaven and combines perfectly with its evergreen scenery. It takes only one day to hike the mountain up and down, or half-day excursion by cable cars.


Hike Mt.Qingcheng

Going out in the evening for fun? You must not miss Jiuyanqiao's night scene and bars. At night, the lights are dim and beautiful. The gallery bridge on Jinjiang River with its light in the evening has become Chengdu's new landmark. Enter a bar for some drinks, and an adventure. There's usually a street singers inside, singing their stories. Traveling is all about having fun and relaxing, isn't it?


Enjoy Chengdu's Bar culture in Jiuyanqiao (Nine-eye Bridge)

Every corner of Chengdu is filled with its leisurely, optimistic, quietness, prosperous and free, rendering incisively and vividly. These are unique characteristics of Chengdu. Walking in Taikooli or Chunxi Road, you'll see the modern side of Chengdu City. While in Jinli Old Street or Kuanzhai Alleys, you can find trace the footsteps of history. These are two of the most popular scenic spots in Chengdu, where you can experience the lifestyle and state of the old Chengdu. The shadow puppetry, blowing sugar figurines, kneading clay figurines...concentrically displaying Chengdu's leisure life. 


Walk in Taikooli, Chunxi Road, Kuanzhai Alleys, or Jinli Street to feel an authentic Chengdu

When you coming to Chengdu, you should get some knowledge about this ancient city. You can go to Wuhou Shrine, to enjoy the world famous culture of The Three Kingdoms; you can visit Dufu's Thatched Cottage, where the most famous poet in China stayed when he escaped to Chengdu in Tang Dynasty; or you can go Jinsha Ruins, there shows what Chengdu was like in 3,000 years ago; you can also explore Chengdu ancestor's wisdom of Dujiangyan Irrigation System that why it kept functioning 2,000 years after built...


Learn Chengdu's history & culture

Most of our visitors said Sichuan food delicious and unforgettable that they miss Sichuan flavor after getting back home. Now there is a chance. You can learn to make Kongbao Chicken, Mapo Tofu (beancurd) or some other famous Sichuan dishes taught by Sichuan cuisine masters in Sichuan Cuisine Museum. No matter you are housewife, food lover, or professional cook, you will have fun when playing Chuancai. 


Make a Sichuan dish by yourself


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